What's hot in here: Tools for Privacy

Just some thoughts on my several attempts to leave Facebook and more...

Status: Still working on my branding for RemoteShe.

I have been on Facebook on and off, it's a love and hate relationship but after its massive effect on Brazilian elections, I have since tried to delete, I am actually using an alias account to manage some groups that I am active, like Female Nomads and my own groups like Remote She.

What I am reading about diversity:

Mozilla workplace transition policy guidelines

What I am reading (non-technical):

This insane article:

The Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence

What I am listening (podcasts):

Rough Translation ( it's not about translation but about different cultural perceptions, like the difference in what is considered being black in the US and in Brazil)

What I am listening II (music)

My twin sister, born 11 years after: Rosalia

What I am watching:

Carl Sagan's Cosmos Ep 1: The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean

Tools I use:

To monitor any Internet breach:

Firefox Monitor