Balancing UI and UX skills as a Product Designer

The importance of having good UI skills, mastering the tools and the UX principles

There is a lot be discussed here.

I suffer from the Imposter Syndrome, it's never enough, which can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. I see it from the bright side, I am always upskilling, there are a lot of MOOC courses out there that I never fished, books that I didn't read, paid courses that were fundamental, others not so much, but so far I graduated twice, transitioned career, and succeed in both careers.

There is a time that you need to prioritize and for me learning new skills is a never ending process that it's part of my professional background. As a product designer I am the connected dot between business needs and customers, I am also a user experience and user interface designer and let's not forget a UX researcher. There is a three of me the UX, the UI and the UX researcher.

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