Transitioning to Tech and other things

Three years I changed career completely to tech, and still a working in progress

It's been two years since I graduated from my second degree. My first one was about a decade ago at age 21 in Brazil, my second one was in Ireland. Two degrees, two countries.

Nowadays, I call myself a Marketing Designer, although my last position I was a UX/UI designer.

The reason why is that I have specialisms and experience in marketing and localisation and I think every designer is or at least should be a UX designer, everyone working in product, contributes to UX, I mean, developers, product managers, copywriters, business analysts, marketers and so.

Thinking that a designer or a specific person/team designs the user experience, is setting the wrong expectations in the first place.

What I have been doing

Lately, I am self-employed. Contract was finished and I though about dedicating some time to a side hustle, a platform for women who work remotely, where they can find jobs, network and vet companies, it is still a WIP and I still working on the logo for

Transitioning Career Into Tech Industry

I have been researching a lot, questioning sometimes my own career path and I don't regret changing path to tech. I love to learn, I been using Skillshare a lot, mainly to learn about Figma. Yes, you designer, whatever, you call yourself, try Figma, give it a try, have all your work on the cloud, I think it's worth it, and plus it's free.

Still, the tool that I master is Sketch, and I will be using the combo Sketch + InVision for an infinite time until I feel I can dominate Figma as I do with Sketch.

For anyone thinking about transitioning career, my advice is thinking about:

1) Your interests

Do you want to build websites? Analyse data? Create Mobile Applications?

In my case, I wanted to build website and I didn't know how to code, but with my marketing and localisation background, I knew how to analyse data and do research so I studied user experience.

2) Skills

Understanding the skills you're already have and researching people in the role that you want to be. I researched many UX/UI, product, marketing designers and looked into their skills, also I noticed that many came from a psychology, marketing, developer background, and some even after a while moved into front-end development, data science and so on.

3) Action plan

Now it’s time to research where to study, I went back to college, but there are bootcamps as well. To be honest if I happen to go further into fron-end I would pick a bootcamp like Lambda for example.

4) Work on your portfolio, volunteer, contribute to open-source

Once you finish your course, you will have to do a portfolio, usually during your course, or your bootcamp you will start working on it, redesigning some improvement in a particular app or creating a new app based on a design challenge. I would also recommend contributing to open-source projects as volunteer.

5) Network

Networking is fundamental, for me Ladies that UX gave me a new perspective, attending UX and Marketing meetups on still part of my day-to-day.

To finalise, I have been battling with imposter syndrome! Here are some resources that are helping me in the journey:

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